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District 25 - Unit 145

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    Bridge Clubs around the United States will hold special charity games and events that week, with proceeds going toward Alzheimer’s research. A club can designate any single day for special fundraising games. 

    In Rhode Island, all of our clubs will be participating, according to the following schedule:


    Monday, June 18:

        Bridge Club of Northern Rhode Island: 10 a.m.


    Tuesday, June 19:

        The Bridge Place: 11 a.m.

        Viking Bridge Club: 12 noon.


    Wednesday, June 20: 

        Warwick Bridge Club: 12 noon and 6:45 p.m.

        Narragansett Bridge Club: 12:30 p.m.


    If you’d like to contact family or friends to make additional contributions, you can join our Team, The Rhode Island Kings & Queens. There is a web site which you can use to make a donation, contact friends or family by email, and connect with other people helping to raise dollars to combat Alzheimer’s Disease. Go to the ACBL web site and click on the link for The Longest Day. You’ll be directed to the site where you can find our team, The Rhode Island Kings & Queens.



    Congratulations to June Sectional Winners


    Sheila Gabay / Shome Mukherjee - Open Pairs, Flight A


    William Nason / James Keegan  - Open Pairs, Flight B


    Harold Nordstrom / Susan Lincoln  - Open Pairs, Flight C


    Lin Li / Michael Shore - 299er



    June Sectional Swiss Winners


    Flight A

    Kimberly Gilman / Zachary Grossack / Maxim Siline / Xiaoqian Liu


    Flight X

    Frank Blachowski / Tom Joyce / Susan Smith / Michael Smith


    Flight B, C, D

    Robert Huntington / James Anderson / Samuel Cuscovitch / Ross Huntington


    June Sectional Results













    Granite State Getaway

    Nashua, NH

    June 19 - 24


    Summer NABC

    Atlanta, GA

    July 26 - Aug 5 


    Ocean State Regional

    Warwick, RI

    Aug 28 - Sept 2


    RIBA Sectional

    Johnston, RI 

    Sept 22 - 23 


    District 25 Calendar